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Innovation is at the heart of Perception, a company specializing in the design of communicating embedded systems dedicated to improving the daily lives of people with visual impairments. Perception’s expertise in embedded systems for health and disability is part of a dynamic of creating high performance embedded systems.

Société Perception: creator of embedded system for the blind and visually impaired

With its expertise in IT, Perception has been engaged for 2 years in a visual assistant research and development project.

Our mission

Perception aims to improve the daily lives of people with visual disabilities. With the desire to make the world safer for the more daring, the Perception team aims to help the blind to master increasingly complex environments, while making quick decisions with an optimal level of security and a complete autonomy.

Perception for fast and reliable assisted vision

Drawing on its expertise in IT, Perception has been involved for 2 years in a visual assistant research and development project. Major advances in computing have enabled the Perception team to develop an innovative algorithm capable of analyzing the environment of the blind in real time to render it in the form of instantaneous audio information.

Perception , creator of an autonomous visual assistant that works everywhere without internet

The analysis of the data collected in the immediate visual field of the users is carried out using a powerful, compact and light computer directly at the place of data collection , unlike the approach of connected objects which require internet access. The Nélo visual assistant created by Perception is, therefore, completely autonomous, faster, more efficient and easier to use.

The Perception and Visually Impaired Vision Challenge Team

The Perception team is driven by the desire to innovate and find new technological solutions for the visually impaired. The on-board visual assistance system was the major challenge faced by the Perception team due to the need to balance adaptive operation with optimal security.


Visual aid maker for the blind


Perception has developed Nelo, a real on-board visual recognition system that offers real autonomy to people who are blind from birth, visually impaired </ strong >, with vision problems, glaucoma, AMD. A true visual assistant for the blind and visually impaired, Nélo does not require any internet connection unlike e-health connected objects.

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